Asset Based Lending Program

All real estate and note investors will ultimately come to a point where they need additional capital. The process of recapitalizing your portfolio typically brings two strategies to mind, sell your assets i.e. a seasoned loan in your portfolio or a rental property or in the case of notes sell a partial, the next 5-10 years of cash flow to a private investor.

Both of these strategies result in losing immediate cash flow. We all know how powerful it can be to leverage your cashflow. Which leads us to a third strategy to recapitalize which is to borrow money using your portfolio as collateral.

Our Asset Based Lending Program (ABLP) is designed to offer Real Estate Investors the opportunity to borrow money using their existing Note or Rental Portfolios as collateral for the loan. Our program offers loans starting at $200k.

You can use our financing to unlock your existing equity, consolidate other debt or obtain additional capital to grow your business. Our loan products are flexible to meet your needs while providing you access to financing at a competitive fixed rate.

Now you can borrow money using your notes as collateral to buy more notes until you have an entire portfolio of income-producing notes to live on or retire on. Or you can bring them to us at Colonial Funding Group and sell them for a lump sum amount of money.

Recapitalization puts money back in your pocket and your portfolio!

Turn your existing portfolio into cash with an asset based loan. If you would like to discuss how this program could benefit you, please feel free to reach with any questions. Email:   [email protected]