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Testimonial: Virginia and Gene Hannah

Our investments prior to notes were mutual funds and real estate, mostly in the form of rental houses.  As we got closer and closer to retirement, we realized we were going to have to get a little more conservative in our investments and started looking for more stable and less volatile investments.  With the interest rates currently, and in the last several years, at all-time lows, we didn’t want to put our money in the bank for a long period of time and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a vehicle that would be a good paying investment.  When we heard about the partial notes and the security behind them, we liked the idea of a consistent decent return with a low calculated risk.  It allowed us to invest our money in something that would allow us long term peace of mind with a known return to continue to grow our retirement.  This peace of mind was not something that you can get with investments that are based on the stock market.  The wild fluctuations in the stock market were keeping us wondering if we would be needing to cash out at a time when the market was up or when the market was down.  We needed peace of mind and the partial notes were what, we found, as stable and easily obtained investments in another area of real estate which we were totally unaware of until a year and a half ago.  You can’t put a value on peace of mind and this is what we found in notes.  Thank you to the Speeds for their help and knowledge of these investments.  They were easy to work with and before we knew it, we had our 401-k’s transferred into partial notes.  We haven’t looked back and continue to enjoy the expertise that the Speeds have in this market.

~ Virginia and Gene Hannah