What is a note appraisal?

A note appraisal reflects the current market value of your payments similar to what a real estate appraisal provides for real property. Frequently referred to as a “quote” it shows what your future payments are worth in cash dollars today. We recommend you have your note evaluated once a year.

How is the value of a note determined?

The value of a note is affected by the down payment, interest rate, payment amount, and term as well as the buyer’s credit rating and payment history. The type, condition, and value of the property also impact the value of your note.

The time value of money, which makes payments due now more valuable than payments due in 20 to 30 years, also plays a factor in the evaluation process. Generally, due to inflation, money in your pocket today is worth more now than later. All of these factors will be taken into consideration in determining the current value of your note.

How soon will I get my money?

Our private capital not only ensures the most money for your note, it also cuts out the red tape allowing us to deliver your funds in record time. Typically, you can expect your money in 7-10 days from contract approval. Request a free quote today!

How does selling my note affect the person paying me?

The terms of your original note remain the same if you sell it to us. The only difference the other party will see is that they’ll make their checks out to Colonial rather than to you.

How much will I get for my note?

The easiest way to determine the value of your note is to submit a free quote form to us. We’ll look at the details of the note and will respond with the highest possible price. Colonial Funding Group purchases notes valued up to $50 million dollars with our private capital, so you can be sure our staff has the resources available to competitively price your note.