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Colonial provides competitive and prompt pricing on notes. We buy virtually all types of real-estate secured loans. Let us show you what all the fuss is about – top dollar, no-hassle quotes from Colonial, a nationwide note buyer! Contact us today for this unique business opportunity!

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Colonial Funding Group Features Standard Broker Colonial Preferred Broker™
Prompt pricing on virtually all types of real-estate secured loans
Quotes backed by one of the largest note buyers in the country
Online quote submissions and quote history
Wholesale pricing for maximum profit potential
Call in and work with Colonial’s experienced processing pros to close difficult deals
Personal attention from Eddie to help you structure deals
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Free Broker Special Reports for Download

We’ve prepared a wealth of information to help you learn more about the business. Current articles include:

  • “The Creditor’s Dilemma – Collecting on Judgements”
  • “Relevant Marketing for Note Brokers”
  • “The Art of Buying Imperfect Notes”
  • and many more!

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